The Discoverer:

  • Wilhelm Heinrich Schüßler(1821-1898) physician

The Basic Principle:

  • Lack of certain minerals influences the metabolism as a whole

The Material:

  • 12 Cell-Salts (also referred to as "Tissue"-Salts)
  • 15 Complemental-Salts


  • The phisician Schüßler developed his biochemic method by using Cell Salts, based on the principle that, living organisms need certain minerals in order to appropriately maintain vital functions.
  • The 12 basic and 15 complementary cell salts each exert an influence upon the functioning of our body organs. Dr.Schüßler assigned illnesses to a disharmonious state of these salts. Consequently, a treatment with the salts should recreate the balance within the body.
  • As in homeopathy, the salts are diluted (to create the potencies). This procedure ideally ensures that our body may fully benefit from the salts.
  • The Cell-Salts are clearly defined, and constitute an easily accessible neturopathic therapy. Especially lay people can help themselves whem confronted with numerous types of common health problems, such as headaches, colds - and many others.