The Facts

The Discoverer:

  • Samuel Hahnemann (1755 -1843) German physician, medical writer and translater, founder of homeopathy

The basic principle:

  • like cures like (simile principle)

The substance:

  • currentliy, more than 3500 remedies in different potencies

The background:

  • The German physician Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann developed homeopathy. It is a naturopathic cure and is based on the simile principle - like cures like.

    Basis is the assumption that deseases may be cured by the invalid taking substances in highly deluted form, which, if taken in high dosage, in a healthy person would spark illness symptoms. The invalid therefore is treated with substances which cause the same symptoms as the illness which is to be cured.

    In homeopathy, the reason for illness is tracked back to a disturbance of the inner balance. The immune system has to fight the disharmonious condition. Homeopathic cures activate natural healing mechanisms and thus re-activate the inner balance.

    Homeopathic remedies may consist of vegetal, animal, mineral and all other chemical substances. Homeopathy has - when handled with the necessary circumspection - little to no side-effects amd may be used for individual and wholistic therapy purposes.